Affiliate Paintball Fields
Paintball Wizard does not own or operate any paintball fields. However, we are very selective about who we suggest and work with. Below are fields that we believe offer the best in service for the game of Paintball.

Airsports Ludlow Ma
Airsports Paintball - Ludlow, Ma
Contact Telephone : 413 583 8200
Web Site :
• Airsports features a wide variety of terrain for all levels and playing styles. They offer a Huge Woodsball field featuring a Western Ghost Town, Speedball Alley, The Casino, Russian Headquarters, Church, World War II  Sandbag Bunkers Log walls, as well as a vast array of natural bunkers, In the summer months they also feature Nighttime Close Quarters Combat games in there Western Ghost Town…
• Paintball Wizard will be holding special events at Airsports. Check out our Events page for more.

OSG Paintball
OSG Paintball - Barnstead, NH
Contact Telephone : 800 707 PLAY ( Locally 603.776.6044 )
Web Site :
• OSG is one of the largest, oldest, and most recognized fields in New England. They are well known for their top notch courteous staff and recently expanded fields.
• Paintball Wizard often holds special events at OSG. Check out our Events page for more.

Action Games Paintball
Action Games Paintball- Tewksbury, Ma
Contact Telephone : 781 942 9222
Web Site :
• Action Games Paintball has 80 acres of land to play on with some fields including, forts, towers, bridges, bunkers, roads, and speedball.
• Paintball Wizard often holds special events at Action Games. Check out our Events page for more.

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